Meirente Blades possess advanced Slitting cutting technology and have achieved a high level in the field of Slitting cutting.

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Meirente long toothed blade

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Products are widely used in: packaging machine, bag feeding machine, material bag machine, bag making machine, sealing machine, tape machine, filling machine sealing machine, coding machine, packing machine, vacuum machine, shrinking machine, vacuum packaging machine, weighing Packaging machine, the blades include packaging machinery toothed knife, platen roller sawtooth knife, sawtooth toothed knife, plastic film with sawtooth knife, sawtooth hobbing knife, sawtooth strip toothed knife, sawtooth cutting knife, Drug bag serrated knife, serrated cutter head, metal serrated knife, corrugated blade, trimmer toothed blade, printing serrated blade, retractor toothed blade, long toothed blade, long strip serrated blade, Long serrated knife, rectangular toothed blade, rectangular serrated blade, serrated bag cutting and sealing cutter, serrated slitting knife, cold cutting machine cutting blade, etc.

Meirente blades have undergone a complete set of scientific production process such as scientific forging, tempering, quenching, pressure sintering, fine grinding, demagnetization and anti-rust. The product quality has reached the best state, and the service life has been increased by more than 5 times.

The performance of Meirente blades meets the strict requirements of high-speed slitting equipment. The cutting surface is smooth, the cutting edge is neat, and the frequency of tool change is low. In recent years, it has been welcomed by customers!





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